Saturday, October 19, 2013

Makeup Collection Part 2: Lipsticks

Hey Everyone ! 

You may remember Part One of my make-up collection featuring my Eyeshadow Collection , where someone commented ( in my language) asking if I actually used all the eyeshadows... Or ate them? Either this individual thought I had too many, or was taking a stab at my weight? Lol. 

Well, in any case I'm back with my lipsticks , and before anyone asks; no, I don't eat them! 

You will definitely notice a preference for MAC lip products. I would say it's because they are the best out there, but I would be lying if I didn't mention it's also because I am slightly OCD and want them to have a uniform look in my lipstick holder.......... I know.  P.s My Lipstick holder is from Ebay. 

First up are some of my most worn shades....I am definitely a neutral girl!. Colours in RED are amongst my favourite colours ! 

From L to R: Honey Love, Blankety, Hug Me, Twig, Touch, Spirit, Kinda Sexy

L to R: Modesty, Cosmo, Taupe, MAC Red, Girl About town, Kid Kat, Del Rio, Sheer Plum 
Notably Missing: MAC "Chilli" another fav! 

L to R: Snob, Viva Glam Gaga, Pink Friday, Please Me, Angel, YSL Rouge Volupte 07, YSL 03, Bobbi Brown Pale Peach (bottom swatch) 
* Notably Missing (likely in my purse) is Pink Plaid, my fav Pink!

I have really downsized on my glosses because I just don't really wear them often. Here is what is left of my small collection. 

L to R: Fulfilled, Ample Pink, New Spirit, Under-age, Jelly Babe, Name rubbed off :( 

So that is the *Majority* of my lipsticks.... I know there are some missing that must be in purses, cars, under my toddlers bed etc...

Hope this was helpful for some of you guys, and I would love to read about your favourite lipsticks! !

Talk soon!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Celebrity Look a Like and Monthly must reads

Question of the Month: Who is your celebrity doppelgangers? Do people keep telling you that you remind them of someone? this months questions was an interesting one for me. I've ALWAYS wanted to look like someone. Or have people say " you remind me of (insert celebrity name here)" However, i just don't have one of those faces. There isn't a celebrity that i have ever really been compared too (this two exceptions which i will mention below)

So first up.....okay, seriously??? Droopy eyes, big nose and beard.... excellent!!!!

Can't say i see this at all... but i assume they chose her because my cheek bones look defined in this pic???

Alright, I HAVE been told in the past that I look like Kareena...although, this isn't a comparison I am too happy about! My sister an I both also get told we look like Katrina Kaif 

Again, I don't see the resemblance with Sandra but I want to note that "My Heritage" found I looked more like the Man (see above) than Sandra!!! oh dear!!!! 

So after this months post, I am rethinking the way I see myself! lol It has been fun though!!!! Do you guys have a celebrity look a like???

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

OOTD: Casual Chic, New Nails & a gift for hubby !

Hey Everyone!

Ohhh.... I'm on  roll with my OOTD's!!!! Here is what I wore yesterday to meet up for lunch with a friend. 

Blazer: Elizabeth and James; Top: Club Monaco; Jeans: Gap; Belt: Fendi; Bag: Hermes

Shoes: Louboutin

So I wanted to pick something up for my hubby where he can throw change or his keys (he is ALWAYS loosing his keys!!) So i got his this little Hermes Change tray.

So it's no secret that I LOVE Shellac manicures. However the problem I's so easy to delay getting a Manicure b/c the damn polish never chips! so I ended up with super long dagger like nails...this was a MUCH needed manicure. Decided to give my nails a break from the gel, and choose OPI "Steady as she Rose" Although there is NO rose in this colour! lol IT looks like I grey toned lilac to me!!! Even my 2.5 year old said "mommy you have purple nails" 

And last but not least, i'm leaving you with this little gem ... the newest 'viral video' that is a hit in our house! lol ....and you are welcome!

That's it for me folks! Hope you are having a GREAT day :)


Thursday, September 26, 2013

OOTD: Dental Visit and Retail Therapy!

Hey Everyone!

I'm back with another OOTD. This is from last week I believe ( I know, I'm late getting it up!) I had a dentist app which happened to be downtown, so I decided to partake in some retail therapy afterwords :) Hey, it totally made the dentist experience way more fun! 

Dress: Zara; Blazer: ClubMonaco
Bag: Hermes 

On the Face. Seriously, it's what I wear 99.9% of the time, lol MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC 37, MAC Studio FIX Concealer Pot in NC35, MAC Blush in Love Child. MAC E/s in: Wishful, Shroom, Brule. NARS Albatros Highlighter, and Bobbi Brown Matte Lipstick in Peach petal. (MAC Studio FIX)

Quick note, not crazy about the formula of the Bobbi Brown Lipstick. it was too dry and left my lips all old and cracked looking, not the look I was going for! 

Took my old man umbrella as it was sprinkling throughout the day. I have to say, its one of the coolest dentist offices i have been too!

Now onto the fun retail therapy part! I picked up the new "Maxi Twilly" from Hermes and a white Clic Clac (my first...yay) 

and even more exciting for me.... this beautiful Tarte Platter! It's so stunning IRL with flecks of gold! It's been on my want list for awhile, happy i finally got it! 

That's it for me my friends....until next time!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

OOTD! Feat: My new Louboutins and Weight loss update

Hey Everyone !

Happy to be back with an OOTD, these are my favorite posts ! Here is a very casual outfit I wore for an appointment I had. 

Jeans : Forever 21; top: Club Monaco; Shoes: Louboutin Geo Spike; bag : Balenciaga Velo; necklace: Jcrew 

Here is the necklace and shoes close up !! 

And here is my mug shot :)

Makeup : MAC studio fluid foundation in NC37, MAC concealer pot in NC 35, Estée Lauder highlighter in Heat wave, MAC Blush in Love Child, MAC e/s in Wishful, brule and proof , MAC l/s in NIH me with fulfilled lip gloss and l'oreal voluminous mascara ! 

Okay ... So a quick update on my weight loss. I was at a complete plateau for like 3 weeks!!! I finally started loosing weight again ! I have 17 lbs to go still!! Sighhh! Slow and steady ! 

Talk to you all soon ! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Products I Regret Buying & Monthly Must Reads !

Hey Everyone !

Question of the month from Ella: Buyers Remorse - have you purchased anything recently that you wish you hadn't? What is it and why do you regret buying it?

So this months question struck a cord with me . Mainly because in the past I was the queen of impulse buying and would end up with way too much junk that I didn't need!!!! 

In recent year I've made a big effort to really think before I purchase ! And I have to say, I think I've made a big improvement ! Now, if this post was to show all the products I regretted buying .... It would be a long long post ! ( although I have to say I was able to sell most clothing items I regretted on EBay! Very proud of myself !) so this will focus on some makeup products only . Most of these purchases happened a while ago (see, proof I've been good recently!) 


1. MAC ombré blush in vintage grape : I remember this collection clearly , and I wanted the peach ombré blush but it was out of stock. I randomly (read:impulsively ) bought this purple shade which does nothing for my completion . 

2. Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Pink Quarts. This was a total "blame it on YouTube" purchase since it had so much buzz! I hated this as a highlighter . I know people love the shimmer bricks, but its not for me . 

3. Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer . This isn't necessarily a bad product, it's just I love my MAC studio fix concealer pot, so this never gets used . Plus, I can't see myself using a two step product when i have a one step product that works great! Hello, mommy of two here! 

4. Benefits Coralista : okay this is going to be a controversial one. I actually don't mind this products . It's a beautiful peachy pink with a touch of shimmer . My issue : if you saw my makeup collection post, I keep all my things in a pallet , I never would reach for this, open the box, just to use it when I would already have my MAC pallet open to use my contour shade. It was too easy to just choose a blush from the already open pallet. Weird, yes.... But I'm a bit OCD with my organization ! 

5. NYX jumbo pencils, in way too many colours! I bought these at the IMATS after hearing such great things about them, but the reality is; I'm not a cream eyeshadow person ... Most of these are unopened ! 

So that's it for my edition of products I regret buying ! I really hope I have nothing to add to this list anytime soon! 

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Talk soon! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Products I've used up & What I'd repurchase

Hey everyone !

I'm so happy to finally write this post so I can throw out all the empty bottles I've been collecting ! 

There is nothing like the feeling of finishing a product . I'm not sure why it is soooo satisfying , but I know you ladies can relate ....:) 

Here is a snap shot of the happy family !

I divided them into two groups : things I would repurchase , and things I likely will not .

Up first are the products I will ( or already have) repurchased ! 

1. La vanile Body wash . I live the smell of this and love that it is free of parabens/sulphate 

2. Satin Care shaving gel. Note sure why, but I always buy this shaving gel. I like the way it performs, so I have no real reason to change 

3. Lady Speed Stick. It's my favorite deodorant ... In case you care lol. I prefer the baby powder sent 

4. Vichy Purette Thermal eye makeup remover . I have been using this for as long as I can remember . I have a sensitive eye area and this removes my makeup without any irritation . I don't wear any waterproof makeup though . 

5. MAC concealer pot. I have been using this concealer since I was 18 and have never found anything I like more . 

6. L'oreal Voluminious mascara in carbon black . Love. Enough said 

7. Spool of thread .... He he he ... If you don't know what it's for, you don't need to :) 

8. Bath and body works candle in "sandalwood " I really loved the smell of this and would repurchase once I burn through and the other candles I have !

1. Dior Amber Diamond highlighter . While I really enjoyed this, I am a highlighter addict and need to try as many as humanly possible .

2. Lancôme jelly tube . No real love for this , and I don't need any more lip products 

3. Got 2 B. I didn't notice this Doug anything wonderful for my hair, I've already moved on to another product.

4. St. Ives warm face scrub . I didn't mind this product , but I prefer my Clarisonic for exfoliating .

5. Urban Decay All nighter. While I feel this product works , I don't really have a need to keep my makeup on for much an extended period of time . This expired before I used it up. I wouldn't mind a little sample bottle, but won't repurchase the large size 

6. Jlo luxe. I used so much of this perfume and loved it. Then while pregnant became repulsed by it. It makes me gag now. I will not be repurchaseing and am throwing out the remainder lol

7. Dove deodorant . See post above re:loyalty to lady speed stick 

8. Bath and body worlds candle in cranberry . This small wasn't anything special .... In no rush to get this again 

9. La Roche Posay water spray. I actually don't think I ever buy this product . I always get it as a "free gift" I prefer my MAC fix plus . If I receive these I tend to use them up, but don't really like it

10. Prevage eye cream. Okay, Soni actually love/loved this eye cream but since my last pregnancy I feel like my skin has changed so much! I had a really bad reaction to the presage daytime eye cream with SPF. While I don't react to this one, it doesn't feel soothing . I'm currently using my YSL Temps Majuer eye cream. 

Okay ladies ... That's it for my first edition of products I've used up! Hope you enjoyed !